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Join TheBigJB, Lishadra, and Jaezzy each week for awesome discussions and lots of laughs about everyone's favorite game: Overwatch! Each week we'll talk about the latest news, gameplay tips, hero stories, and share awesome community content. Welcome to Uberview!
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Dec 24, 2017

Winter Wonderland is here and we're rating our favorite skins, talk about the new Yeti Hunter Event, and discuss role choices. Is it better to pick what your team needs or what you're good at playing?

Hopefully they're the same thing?

Dec 6, 2017

It's our 50th episode and we announce the winner of our giveaway. We also announce the new intro and outro as well as a couple other goodies. And we talk about why Doomfist sucks.

If that seems like clickbait, you're right.

Music copyright Dan Bull and used with permission.

Nov 29, 2017

Christi and Sarah are back! Listen for details on how to win prizes for our 50th episode, opinions on Moira, and Winter Wonderland predictions like what costumes we think we'll see, pricing, and special maps or events.

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat!

Nov 21, 2017

Stay for the exciting 50th episode contest announcement toward the end!

JB flying solo this week because Sarah has holiday prep to take care of and Christi's voice is shot. He reviews the interesting information from the the Overwatch Archive panel from Blizzcon 2017, great insights from the Overwatch Concept Art book, and why he is sick and tired of character "shipping".

Nov 7, 2017

Oh, Blizzard! How we love thee! This week we're talking all about what we got right and what we were off on in our BlizzCon predictions; and about what Blizzard and games mean to us.

Christi also enlightens us on the connection between Lucio and the frogs! Here's the article she cites:úcio-and-the-muiraquitã

Nov 2, 2017

We start off talking about the end of the Halloween Terror event then suddenly realize it's the show before BlizzCon! After covering the gist of many of the topics we switch to our predictions for BizzCon 2017.

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Halloween event ends on November 1st. 

New comic for this year’s Halloween Terror is cool!

Where’s Ana's parrot?? 

New app with cool new social features including sending lootboxes to your friends

Winston shield health marker on PTR. Just like Orisa and Reinhardt.

Voice line spamming is an actionable offense. 


Where to find us on social media:

Sarah: @ThatGamerGrl,, ArtStation - ThatGamerGrl

Christi: @lishadracb,,
JB: @voiceofthebigjb,,


Oct 17, 2017

Is Mercy a must-have following the changes? We feel like that's true. And what are these rumors of changes to Genji and Junkrat on the PTR? We once again discuss the downside of making rapid changes. We also dig into the Halloween event, what Mei's skin is all about (jiangshi from Chinese mythology), and Mercy concept art!

In your app, tap for the full description to get links to the informational content.


Patchnotes covering Mercy's changes

Confirmation of what Christi said about Mercy being a must-have:

Article: Almost everyone is playing Mercy

Omnic Meta Mercy stats

What a jiangshi is.

Black male Mercy concept art.


Cool Community Stuff:

Cultist Zenyatta (and check out artist's Twitter)

Lucio and Tracer pancakes


Where to find us on social media:

Sarah: @ThatGamerGrl,, ArtStation - ThatGamerGrl

Christi: @lishadracb,,
JB: @voiceofthebigjb,,


Oct 4, 2017

The Meat

  • Tip of the Week: don't be a jerk! The developers of our fave game shouldn't be afraid to talk to/with the people who play their games. Terrorizing anyone is NOT OK.

  • Halloween date leaked: appears to be 10/10!
  • Dissecting the Zarya comic
  • "You weren't born to hate."

Old and Newb

Cool Community Stuff


We crave your ratings!

Sep 26, 2017

Welcome, Sarah!

  • Who is she?
  • How does she know JB?

The Meat

  • Called it wrong: Halloween event was not announced last week. Maybe this week?
  • Sidenote: Overwatch broadcaster casting call. Why JB didn’t apply.
  • All the changes!! So excited:
    • Mystery Heroes:
    • Icons instead of skulls
    • Mercy
  • 12v12 game mode
  • Don’t be a jerk. To quote Kaplan: “Be the kind of players you want to play with.”
  • Who are the people in the Ana hero spotlight??

The Little Things

  • Symmetra’s hindi lines on PTR.

Old and Noob

Advice from both experience levels

Cool Community Stuff


Sep 23, 2017
  • Deathmatch released.
  • Hero changes we’ve previously discussed (Junkrat, Roadhog, Orisa) have been released including a couple changes to Widow that we didn’t know about.
  • Is the Junkertown Queen going to be a playable character?
  • A particularly prolific system abuser and Blizzard's actions.
  • The new comic. 
  • Doomfist changing the meta: as predicted. 
  • Junkertown reminds JB of 2Fort from TF2. Which makes sense.
  • Junkrat and Ana coming to Hots. Deathwing skin for D.Va - awesome! Volskaya battleground + themed skins.

The Little Things

Cool Community Stuff


Aug 28, 2017


  • Happy Birthday, Lishadra!
  • Mei animated short.
  • Summer Games and Lucioball
  • Comp: How SR is calculated. 
  • JB’s comp placement: 1546 SR - silver
  • Dev Updates:
    • Deathmatch
    • Junkrat triple jump, riptire speed increased
    • Roadhog can heal on the run and takes less damage while doing so
    • Orisa shoots faster and has bigger shield
    • D.Va changes 
    • Mercy changes
    • Mystery Heroes
  • Lore notes: Numbani changes. No more Doomfist, all about Efi and Orisa
  • is back! 
  • Blizz notifies you of player penalties when reported. 
  • Doomfist changes on PTR 
  • Gamecom - Junkertown map!


The Little Things

New segment dedicated to something we love so much about Blizz products.

  • Summer Games
  • Mei short

Cool Community Stuff

  • OW Grafitti
  • Zombie arcade mode
Aug 7, 2017

Lots of good news for 2017's Summer Games:

  1. Lucioball changes including competitive mode.
  2. Buying old skins for discount prices.
  3. Lots of new skins.

Doomfist opinions:

  1. Too squishy
  2. Interesting game play
  3. Available in comp on 8/3
  4. Part of original story

Spawn changes for defenders.

New, unannounced Blizzard project.

Playing multiple heroes keeps the game more interesting than specializing in just one.

Cool community stuff: animated hero portraits


Jul 30, 2017

Cool Community Stuff


Jul 26, 2017

Here's everything we talk about in this week's episode:

  • Update to Blizzard launcher
  • Doomfist releases on 7/27 - that’s a Thursday! Weird.
  • New comic about Doomfist - if you haven’t read it via Madefire, you’re missing out.
    • How quickly will the Masquerade costumes become skins?
  • Summer Games - will they happen again?
  • Confirmed: Dustin from Stranger Things mains D.Va
  • Lootbox drop rates revealed:
  • Follow-up: SR penalties for switching roles.

Cool Community Stuff:

Jul 14, 2017


  • Doomfist now on the PTR!
  • What about a Netflix original series?
  • The stuff we talked about in the last show is on the PTR
  • Kotaku dive methodology changing with Reaper
  • profiles can now be linked to Blizzard authenticator.



Jul 2, 2017
  • Dev Update:
    • Saving highlights!
    • Lootbox changes! Because what they gave you for dupes was as criminally low as what GameStop gives you when they buy your used games!
  • PTR “leak” of Doomfist and upcoming Summer Games event. 
  • Dave’s glass ceiling - “I’ve kind of finished the game.”
    • What he wants: something more like MMO content. It probably was Titan.



Jun 22, 2017

Sad Announcement: Brandon is taking a hiatus for awhile. 


Thanks to spankyhunter for sending us stuff via Twitter that he thought would be good for the show!

Jun 16, 2017



  • JB has let his WoW subscription lapse. First time since the F&F Alpha




Jun 12, 2017



Jun 3, 2017


May 30, 2017

What a year it's been! We can hardly believe it's been a full year of Overwatch. It feels both longer and shorter than a year in various ways. In this show we talk all about the achievement Blizzard and the Overwatch team have...achieved. We also discuss loot boxes (our favorite topic), RNG, new skins & dances, Jeff Kaplan's statement about competitive play, and how Dave has never been more wrong.

May 13, 2017

Special guest Captain Energon joins the guys this week to talk all things Overwatch! They discuss upcoming changes, lootboxes, cool community stuff, a possible Overwatch Anniversary Event, and the excellent banter between Wendy's and Overwatch twitter accounts.

Apr 28, 2017

In this week's show we learn how much Brandon will pay for we mean FOUR skins. The guys vent their spleens about the current lootbox and event price system, gush over HotS 2.0, discuss new maps and assault map changes, and talk quite a lot about competitive mode.

Apr 17, 2017

The latest event is incredible! And not necessarily focused on a particular season. JB and Brandon sing their praises and also talk about how much they'd be willing to pay for skins they want instead of loot boxes. Especially the fan-created Betrayer skin for Reaper.

Mar 31, 2017

We're all mixed up! All this stuff from Overwatch is making its way to Heroes of the Storm! First it was voting and now it's lootboxes! We talk about this, JB's separation anxiety, how we like Orisa now, and how Dave and Brandon hate skins.

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